GK Engineers & Facility Management (GKEFM) has been founded by technocrats with design, engineering and installation experience of Electrical and Instrumentation Systems and was incorporated in 2009. The scope of services is given below:

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Electrical System: Sub Stations, HT and LT Panel, Lighting & Lighting Distribution System, Raw & UPS Power Distribution
  • Preparation of Design Document for MCC Panel
  • Electrical Single Line Diagram
  • Electrical Control Drawings
  • Bill of Material for MCC Panel
  • Fabrication of MCC Panel
  • Inspection of MCC Panels in process of Fabrication and pre dispatch inspection
  • Power and Control Cable Specifications
  • Cable Tray Routing based on the Equipment Location Drawing
  • Cable Tray, Power and Control Cable Quantity Evaluation
  • Cable Schedule
  • Termination Schedule
  • Test Report format for Electrical Panel
  • Test Report format for electrical Work
  • Earthing Details like Earth Pits, Earthing of the Electrical Equipment

Engineering Solutions Building Management / Automation System (BMS):
  • Preparation of P & I Diagrams
  • Preparation of I/O Summery for configuration of PLC / DDC
  • Design & Engineering PLC / DDC Panel
  • GA Drawing of Panels
  • Internal wiring diagrams of Panels
  • Terminal details and Panels
  • Bill of Material for Panels
  • Fabrication of PLC / DDC Panels
  • Inspection of Panels in fabrication Process
  • Testing of Panels as per Approved Test Report
  • Development Application software like logic, graphic, ladder control based on the functional
  • Requirement of Process
  • Loading and testing of the software.
  • Simulation testing of the I/O for functional test
  • Preparation of Cable Specification, Cable Schedule & Termination Schedule

System Documentation
Following set of detailed drawings, Manuals shall be supplied with system.
  • Design Document for Instrumentation and Automation System
  • Bill of Material
  • Cable Schedule & Termination Schedule
  • Product Catalogs
  • As built Document

Engineering Solutions Life Safety & Surveillance System (LSS):
Fire Alarm System (FAS), Public Address System (PAS), Close Circuit Television System (CCTV), Access Control System (ACS) Communication voice and Data Communication System (Telephone & LAN)
  • Preparation of LSS Equipment Location Drawings
  • Preparation of LSS Equipment Bill of Material
  • Preparation of LSS Equipment Specifications
  • Preparation of Cable Specification, Cable Schedule & Termination Schedule
  • Procurement & Supply of LSS Equipments

Construction Management:
Installation, Testing & Commissioning of following equipment
  • MCC Panels, LT Dist. Panel, Lighting & Power Dist Boards, Automation PLC / DDC Panels
  • Cable Trays, Conduits as per the approved routing drawing doc
  • Field Instruments like, Temp. Sensors, Pr. Sensors, Valves, Actuators, FAS, CCTV, ACS, PA System,
  • Work station and S/W
  • Cable laying & dressing as per the approved cable schedule Doc.
  • Cable Terminations as per the approved cable Termination Doc.
  • Earthing of Panels, Filed Instruments, Cable Trays
  • Cold checks like insulation, continuity checks
  • Power-up checks
  • Loop checks
  • Functional checking of all field Instruments.
  • Any modification that may be required in system design to meet site/ process requirements, customer's specific requirements, not specified or called for in original design.
  • Testing and commissioning of the systems as per the test procedures
  • Trial Operation and handing over the system
  • Training on the system for plant engineers